2019 Chevrolet Silverado vs 2019 Ford F-150

Engine Performance

2018 Chevrolet Silverado offers you the power that you need for your tough job on the worksite. Its V8 engine is more powerful and faster than the Ford F-150 twin turbo V6.

5.3 Liter V8 engine of Silverado

  • 355 hp
  • 383 pounds feet of torque
  • 11,100 pounds of towing capacity
  • 18 MPG in the city
  • 24 mpg on the highway

3.5 Liter EcoBoost V6 Engine of F-150

  • 375 hp
  • 17 mpg in the city
  • 22 mpg on the highway

Silverado takes 6 seconds from 0 to 60 mph whereas F-150 has to take 6.1 seconds

Silverado is provided with an engine control system for better fuel efficiency but F-150 doesn’t offer such kind of system

Silverado fills 3 gallons more fuel in comparison to F-150

The Silverado is capable to stop much shorter than F-150:

  • 70 to 0 MPH – Silverado 178 feet
  • 70 to 0 MPH – F-150 206 feet

Because of Speed Sensitive Power Steering provided with 2018 Silverado you may expect it to offer:

  • Low-effort parking
  • Better control at highway speeds
  • Stability while hard cornering
  • Better feel of the road


2018 Silverado exudes elegance on the outside and brings immaculate comfort while you are inside its spacious cabin.

Optional rear and front power windows of Silverado open and close with single touch. Also window on the driver side closes automatically. On the other hand, you have to hold the switches of optional basic power window of F-150 all the time while you open and close

Auto power locks come standard on Silverado and you have to pay extra for such locks if you own F-150

On LTZ / High Country trims of Silverado rearview mirrors adjust automatically for backing whereas F-150 doesn’t offer this capability

Bluetooth connectivity comes standard on Silverado and F-150 owners have to pay extra for this amenity

Silverado has more passenger room as compared to F-150

  • Front headroom is 1.6″ more
  • Front legroom is 1.4″ more

The Silverado Crew Cab offers 53.4 ft³ and F-150 SuperCrew offers 52.8 ft³

Silverado is blessed with larger standard tires as compared to the tires of the F-150 which offers better traction control

Silverado has tire inflation monitoring system F-150 doesn’t have it