What important parts of car maintenance are often neglected?

Five commonly neglected car maintenances that need your attention for Tulsa, OK

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These things are often ignored or forgotten about by many. Few know that these are things that you should always keep an eye on!

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We often get too comfortable with our vehicles assuming they will last forever but an essential responsibility of owning a car is to keep up with regular maintenance to ensure the safety of not only yourself but all other passengers. We all know about regular oil changes and tire rotation, but many of us are pretty diligent about staying on top of these maintenances and service.

Remember, ignoring regular vehicle maintenance always end up in severe consequences and the significance of routine vehicle maintenance cannot be overstated. Prevention and basic upkeep are 1000 times cheaper than major repairs caused by ignorance.


One of the most neglected aspects of car maintenance is brakes and over time, the brake fluid becomes contaminated due to heat and cold cycles, affecting the safety of the vehicle.

The worse thing is that the brake fluid is hydrophilic, meaning it retains water and these water droplets boil off during hard braking, causing brake fade. Again, whenever your brake fluid seems darker and nasty which is usually due to corrosion and contaminants, consider flushing the brake system and filling your vehicle with clean contamination-free fluid.

Is this really necessary?

Having your brake fluid changed can significantly enhance the vehicle stopping power and avoid road accidents.

Further, contaminated or old brake fluid results in poor stopping of a vehicle and a spongy pedal, causing damage to the ABS module.


Having tires rotated and replaced in a timely manner is essential for the longevity of your vehicle. It is among the most commonly missed maintenance tasks which significantly enhances vehicle performance on the road. It is recommended to rotate your car tires twice every year to ensure even wearing of the threads which in turn makes the tires last longer.

A well-cared and maintained tires can last up to 50,000 miles or even more. On the other hand, premature and uneven wear and tear of the tire along with failing to rotate tires regularly may result in early tire replacement. A new set of tires are quite expensive, which is why it is important to rotate your tries and keep the vehicle moving smoothly on the road.

What’s the bigger picture?

Remember, a driver’s ability to control the vehicle depends on the traction between tires and road, hence, it is important to replace tires when needed. Reasons requiring a tire replacement include inappropriate tread depth, being used more than 5 years and prescribed calendar age replacements.

Not to forget, emergency brake system, spare tire and monitoring tire pressure need to be regularly checked.


Although this isn’t a regular vehicle maintenance article, it should be checked on a regular basis. A Suspension system refers to shocks and struts – which we mostly take for granted.

Sometimes taking several tons of metal, the shocks and suspension require close maintenance.

More on Suspension

For many, the suspension is only about having a smooth ride, but it’s a lot more as having a bad suspension can result in poor ability to control the vehicle. The important question is to know when to repair a suspension, some of the signs include rough ride of the vehicle, drifting during turns, dips (nose-dives) when stopping, vehicle making odd noises, uneven tire treads and damaged “oily” shocks.

Air Filter

The air filter system is responsible for preventing dust, pollen and particulates from reaching the fuels system which leads to various automobile problems. An air filter is placed in the way of all incoming air to catch the debris that may be attemping to enter your vehicle.

Having a clogged air filter gives rise to sluggish vehicle performance and poor fuel economy. Air filters need to be replaced every 10,000 to 15,000 miles or dusty driving conditions ensures prevention of odors, specks of dust and allergens from entering vehicle’s A/C system.

What else?

Air filters protect the A/C blower from dirt and debris, hence requires a regular air filter change. Having a well-cleaned air filter will protect your engine, prolongs engine life and reduce emissions.

It is indeed an inexpensive and quick fix.

Oil Changes

Regular oil changes are vital to keeping the engine operating at its peak efficiency. Remember, new oil reduces friction between the engine’s moving parts, allowing it to operate efficiently and effectively. Recommended, change your vehicle oil roughly every three months. Additionally, always check with the manufacturer to see when it should be changed.

So now what?

Generally, oil changes are quite affordable and are completed within 30 minutes, causing minimal inconvenience.

In order to stay on top of your oil changes stick to your schedule and set reminders for yourself!

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