Air Conditioning Repair for Tulsa, OK

Air Conditioning Repair near Tulsa, OK

Like any other system in the car, the air conditioner in your vehicle requires regular maintenance.

If you’re in need of repair for the air conditioner in your vehicle, talk to Keystone Chevrolet today!

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What does the A/C System do?

Auto A/C systems control the temperature in the cabin of the car and helps to keep your cabin warm or cold, depending on your needs. It can also be used for faster defrosting of glass in the car during cold weather.

A/C Repair near Tulsa, OK

To better understand the functioning of the climate in the car, it is necessary to know that all A/C systems work similarly and include:

  • Compressor
  • Condenser
  • Fan
  • Hoses

Why Should You Service Your A/C Routinely?

Air conditioners, like any part of the car, wear over time, reducing their capacity. Therefore, it is important to service your A/C routinely and thus ensure the comfort in your vehicle.

If you don’t service the air conditioner, you can cause a number of problems, from blocking the hose to the complete failure of one of its parts

Schedule your service appointment at the Keystone Chevrolet auto A/C service center near Tulsa, OK, and prepare your vehicle for pleasant cooling during hot summer days.

A/C signs of wear near Tulsa, OK

Symptoms of a Failing Car A/C System

A/C Repair near Tulsa, OK

If you notice any of the following symptoms, this may indicate that your heating and cooling system is defective and that you need your A/C serviced:

  • Unusual sound during cooling or heating
  • No or slow heating (or cooling) of the cabin
  • The A/C system works only when you drive, not when the car is idle
  • The cooling system blows warm air and the heating system blows cool air

Why Get Your A/C Serviced At Keystone Chevrolet near Tulsa, OK?

Our highly trained mechanics at our service center near Tulsa, OK have years of experience in fixing various new and used vehicles.

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