Oil Change Service in Sand Springs, OK

Oil Change Service near Sand Springs, OK

Oil Change Service near Sand Springs, OK

Oil changes are among the most standard routine service and essential care someone can have done for their vehicle. And there is a reason that oil changes are so standard, because they are so important to the overall health and longevity of your vehicle’s most important component, the engine. Keeping up on oil changes is crucial, and if you are in the Sand Springs, OK area, there is no better place to keep your automobile’s oil change up to date than at the Keystone Chevrolet Service Center.

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Oil Change Service at Keystone Chevrolet

  • Keystone Chevrolet Service Center
    Keystone Chevrolet Service Center

    The service center at Keystone Chevrolet can see to whatever your car maintenance needs may be. Their technicians are there for your major jobs like bodywork and engine repair, as well as your routine maintenance like oil changes and tire rotations. Keeping up on your vehicle’s oil changes is hugely important, and you will want to go to a mechanic you know you can trust, like the certified team at Keystone Chevrolet. No matter what you are looking for or need to have done to your vehicle, the Service Center at Keystone Chevrolet has you covered.

    • Oil change
    • Tire rotations
    • Brake repair
    • Major bodywork
    • Preventative care
  • How to know when you need an oil change?
    How to know when you need an oil change?

    One of the most obvious and clear-cut indicators that your vehicle is in need of an oil change is the check engine or oil change light coming on. But there are also other less obvious ways your vehicle will let you know its due for an oil chance if you lose track of mileage or time passed since your last oil change. Vehicles in need of an oil change may exhibit an engine noise that sounds similar to knocking or pinging due to the engine’s lack of lubricating oil. If your oil appears dark and dirty, it is in need of a chance as clean oil will be amber in color and slightly translucent. Anyone who drives long distances or excessive miles needs to be sure to keep an eye on how frequently their oil needs changing.

    • Check engine lights is on
    • Knocking or pinging sound from engine
    • Dark colored oil
    • Excessive miles driven
  • Importance of getting an oil change
    Why should you service your car’s AC system routinely?

    Oil changes keep your car’s most important, most expensive component, the engine, running smoothly and operating at its best possible output. Without regular oil changes, you are doing extreme damage to the engine and forcing it to operate in sub-optimal conditions. Regular oil changes keep the sludge and debris out of your engine, keeping it running smoothly and lasting for as long as possible. Regular oil changes will also improve overall gas mileage. Regular attention to your vehicle’s schedule for oil changes is an inexpensive way to stop your vehicle’s engine from aging prematurely.

    • Keeps engine running smooth
    • Prevents sludge and debris in engine
    • Engine lasts as long as possible
    • Improves gas mileage

Why Come to Keystone Chevrolet near Sand Springs, OK?

You need to keep your car’s oil regularly changed. If this is not done, costly repairs will be required much sooner than would have been the case for any vehicle. Since oil changes are such an integral portion of the car maintenance process, and you only want the best technicians servicing your vehicle, there is no better place near Sand Springs, OK to have your car’s oil changed than Keystone Chevrolet. Keystone Chevrolet has a full-service service center to see to all of your regular, preventative maintenance, such as the grossly important oil change. Stop on out to see them today at 8700 Charles Page Blvd. Sand Springs, OK 74063 or call to schedule your vehicle’s next oil change at 918-932-1706.

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