Top 6 Car Maintenance Myths

Top 6 Car Maintenance Myths for Tulsa, OK – Busted

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Think you know everything about keeping your car up to par? Take a look below and see if you’ve been wrong this whole time!

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We all know that routine servicing and maintenance is essential for keeping the vehicle engine in its optimal form and achieving fuel efficiency. However, there’s a fine line between actually keeping your car up-to-date and overspending on repairs and maintenance.

Keep in mind, vehicles have evolved significantly over the past few decades with newer structures, advanced facilities, and sophisticated technologies resulting in a change in the maintenance of your vehicle. Now you can take the best care of your vehicle without spending more than you should.

Here are the six common car care myths and pitfalls to avoid when taking care of your vehicle in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

You MUST Change Oil Every 3000 Miles, Regardless Of the Vehicle

Needing to change your oil every 3,000 miles has been completely outgrown by the developments and advancements in the engine designs and operations. It is one of those “One-Size-Fits-All” approaches to car maintenance that has stuck with us form the past. Yes, it’s completely wrong, as most vehicles under normal conditions can drive up to 7,500 miles or more between oil changes.

It isn’t just the changes in engines that account for longer-lasting oil changes, as nowadays synthetic oils are being used that are responsible for driving a long distance without an oil change. Certainly, numerous oil companies and quick-lube shops promote this idea, which in fact is not the entire truth.

More On Oil Changes

Driving more than 3,000 miles without an oil change won’t cause any damage to your vehicle.

Do not forget to consider your manufacturer recommendations and owner’s manual for advice specific to your model to avoid unnecessary spending.

You Should Never Just Replace One Tire At A Time

The recommendation to never replace just one tire rather all four tires to achieve even wearing of treads is false. Replacing a tire is a big expense especially when your vehicle tires are fairly new. It is important to consider the amount of thread on tires before making the call.

It’s useless to buy a set of new tires unless they are at the end of their life, anyway. If the tires are significantly worn out, then you should replace them ASAP to ensure safety and balance of the car.

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You can replace individual tires as long as they are the same size. It is important that all four tires must match allowing for easy switching in order to maximize their life.

Note: Drivers should also note that when driving an all-wheel vehicle, all four tires will need to be replaced.

A Battery Will Recharge on Its Own After Jumpstarting in A Few Minutes

It’s not even close. It actually takes hours of driving for the battery to fully charge and even longer in the winter. The battery of a car plays a vital role in all the vehicle’s electric system and beyond just the initial ignition. Music systems, heated seats and other auxiliary components take so much power that the alternator has little left to actually recharge the battery. If you suspect it is dead, schedule a service so we can take a look!

Additional Battery Information

Further, one can visit a gas station to check your battery capabilities and charge by having a load test performed.

Once you are sure that your battery is functional, a battery charger can be used to charge the battery which can take several hours.

If Regular Fuel Is Good, Premium Must Be Better

There is no advantage in using premium fuel in a regular car, premium fuel exists because some vehicle models require it. Premium gas is designed for higher compression and hotter engines that have turbo-charged or high-performance capabilities. In order to find out your engine’s gasoline requirement check your owner’s manual.

Further, if you use premium gas in the regular-fuel car or vice versa, you can damage the engine and lowers its performance. In most situations, a regular gas car will perform just as well on standard as well as on premium-octane fuel.

More On Fuel

If you own a high-compression vehicle that suggests using any version of octane or unleaded fuel then even a low-grade octane can do the job.

When the manual makes it clear that one has to use a higher version of octane, then a regular octane is not ok to use.

Inflate Tires to the Pressure Shown On the Sidewall

The psi figure (pounds-per-square-inch) on the sidewall of your tire represents the maximum pressure a tire can hold to deliver a safe ride. In other words, the psi number is not recommended in order to get the brake balance, best comfort, gas-efficiency, smooth handling and high mileage.

Rather, if you are looking for the vehicle’s recommended pressure, check the sticker which is placed at the driver-side door-jam, fuel-filler door or glove box.

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Dont forget,the difference in tire pressure plays a notable role as it has a strong impact on tire wear, handling and braking.

In order to stay on top of your tire game, monitor your tire pressure regular, at least once a month using a tire gauge. Remember, the best time to check is when the car has been idle for several hours.

You MUST go To the Dealer If your Car Is under Warranty

As long as the maintenance items specified in the owner’s manual are performed both according to the correct manufacturer recommendation and by trained technicians, you can go to any authorized vehicle dealership. Remember, you don’t need to complete the maintenance job rather have to follow the schedule prescribed in the owner’s manual, and complete repairs and maintenance at listed intervals.

Just keep the receipts and records to claim the submission if required.

More on your Warranty

Your warranty is valid until the expiration date regardless of the where you service your car.

Any maintenance covered under your warranty can be performed at any authorized vehicle dealership and this does not void your warranty.

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